I love dogs, and it's fun and nice to have a dog and they are good company. I miss having a dog and never thought much about what a dog is doing when you are not home? Today I found the answer on Youtube, and I still have pain in my stomach from laughing :) It is healthy to laugh, so watch these two funny videos, and you are probably also surprised about what these dogs are doing home alone:

Here's a video with a horny dog :)

I get excited to have a dog again, and then put up cameras throughout the house, it could be super fun! I once came home and surprised my previous dog and he was sleeping on the kitchen table. There are probably many dogs that are doing what they should not, when they are home alone. Maybe you should try to turn on a camera next time your dog is home alone? :)

Would you do anything for love?


I just saw this inspiring video on Youtube where a bunch of girlfriends surprise their friend who has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Gerdi McKenna had contacted her friend and asked for a photo session with all of her girlfriends ... and this happened to the photo session:

It is a very optimistic video, and a great way that the girlfriends showing their love. It is certainly that laughter, humor and love are extremely important to be cured of breast cancer.

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I make the first live Google hangout with Maros Feher, where we're talking about a great Empower event in Miami 2014. Maros and I meet to a Empower event in Orlando in 2013, so we have many shared experiences at events. Here you can watch the video from our hangout:

We're talking, of course, about the benefits and value from participating in an event. What experiences we had and what we learned from other people at these events. It's mostly personal development that is being spoken and taught in the 3 days when we are together for an event.

On this hangout we talk a lot about personal development, where we share our experiences and knowledge on the subject. So it is for sure that you will get some gold nuggets by viewing our hangout.

It is one of the first live Google Hangouts, which I do and it was super exciting. It is a bit technical to create a hangout, but once you learn it, it's super easy. Would you like to join the panel in a hangout where we talk about online business and marketing, blogging, or personal development? So please feel free to contact me!

2CELLOS Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser playing their amazing version of Thunderstruck by AC / DC. You can see their amazing video here?

It's a long time since I last saw musicians who have so much talent and use it in such an outstanding way! It is high quality and very inspiring entertainment, and I'm sure that 2Cellos get huge success worldwide.

It's always exciting when people do something different and innovative. It made ​​me think of that online business many times is done in an innovative and different way. It creates an instant success that really surprises!

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Life has its ups and downs, and many times you have no control over what is happens. But you can decide how you will deal with what happens in your life. It requires only that you have a strong mindset, and making decisions that will bring you through the lows in the best possible way.

A strong mindset does not come by itself, so it is also important that you take some good decisions that builds a strong mindset. There are many ways to personal development and a better mindset, and maybe you'll find inspiration in my way and how I get a strong mindset?

In my video, I tell the story of one morning two years ago, when I woke up and there was fire in the roof of my house. It was a terrifying experience that was difficult to handle. I had many different thoughts and feelings, and I knew that I had to make a decision about how I would handle this situation.

Fortunately, I had a strong mindset at the time, which helped me make the best decisions that I could in that situation. It was still a tough situation, but I am sure that I took some positive decisions, which made the whole process much easier for me.

Today I work a lot with personal development and have a crystal clear focus on continually getting stronger mindset. Would you like to have a stronger mindset, so please do not hesitate to contact me.

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